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It all started when…

A few friends meeting in the pub decided to start jamming together, playing music for fun. When their local pub closed down for refurbishment, Chief decided to move the jam night to the Vine pub in Lyde Green. Little by little, talented musicians came to the jam night, played with The Shambolics and fitted in so well, they didn't leave. This was the creation of the Black Country's best supergroup, with 4 vocalists, an acoustic, rhythm and lead guitarist, a harmonica player, a bass player and a drummer, they became the accomplished, professional function band they are today. Well known all over the Black Country for their high octane, energetic live shows. 

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It started (and ended) with a beer...

Local micro brewery owner Scott approached The Shambolics with a view to producing a one off ale for the band. When asked to describe the qualities of their favourite beers the band came up with a strong hoppy flavour, a full bodied amber ale and a good session ale. Scott incorporated all of these characteristics to make what would become the fastest selling ale in the brewery's history. The Shambolics ale was born and this one off brew has become a regular feature at The Fixed Wheel and other local drinking establishments.